Technology and Culture: A Reflection of the American Old Wild West and a Projection of the Future


讲座时间:2019年12日 上午10:00 - 11:30


讲座嘉宾Prof. Frank LorneNew York Institute of Technology



Using the frontier development of the Old West in N. America as an example, technology adoption can result in massive cultural conflicts that ultimately depend on the evolving values of cultural groups involved. A personal account of visits of historical locations and observations on the internet, the meaning of heritage and methods of its management in the context of United States of America is subjectively related to the question of technology and values in that particular cultural competition stood out affecting global values irrespective of race. A progressive innovative culture is projected to dominate technology evolvement for the 21st century. Historical locations and happenings provide reflective insights for how values, technologies, and globalization may shape our futures.



Frank Lorne has extensive research experience and publication record in the field of institutional economics, urban planning, sustainable development, and the economics of innovation. As an adjunct professor with the Department of Real Estate and Construction at University of Hong Kong and research fellow with the Ronald Coase Property Rights Research Institute, he travels frequently overseas for study/research visits. His overseas visits include Academia Sinica in Taiwan, Qianhai Institute of Innovative Research in China, and various speaking engagements in North America and Europe.


Lorne collaborates with colleagues and students regularly on projects spanning a large variety of topics on the Vancouver campus. He is also active with community development in Vancouver. He enjoys arts and music, particularly cross-cultural appreciation and celebration.