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Intro of SEM

Our goal is to encourage and stimulate the innate curiosity of every ShanghaitTech

student. Our coursework will promote creativity and creative confidence; we will teach

critical-thinking and skills which leads to learning how to innovate. Our classes will

combine material from a wide variety of disciplines. We will use  design-thinking, the

arts, and other fields as our tools. For those who are interested in entrepreneurship,

our courses will provide hands on learning about spotting business opportunities and

the basics of entrepreneurial finance and operations. 

We will regularly sponsor activities with leading members of the Venture Capital

community (both Chinese and international), entrepreneurs (including scientists who

also teach at universities), lawyer, and representatives from large corporations to

provide students with mentors and internship opportunities. 

Our activities will also seek to instill a sense of social responsibility. We will ask our

students to devote their energies to doing good and doing well-looking towards

entrepreneurial enterprise which help resolve some of society's most challenging

problems such as caring for the elderly, urban congestion, education, etc. 

All of classes are small (20 to 30 students) with a high-degree of experiential learning.

We don't have lecture classes only discussion, interaction and practice of the skills

we are trying to teach. Our professors come from all over the world including

professors who have taught at UC Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford. [

Every student who enters ShanghaiTech will leave with core skills and equipped with

the ability torealize his or her own dreams-whether your goal is be a Nobel Prize

winning scientist, an entrepreneur, or a civil servant. 

We look forward to seeing you in our classes.