AH Premium: A Natural Experiment


讲座时间:2021年4月28日  14:00- 15:30




A large proportion of Chinese twin stocks is traded in both the Shanghai (A-share) and Hong Kong (H-share) markets. A-shares have sold at a premium, known as the AH premium; this premium is large (20--50%) and volatile. AH premium provides a natural experiment by which to test asset pricing models. We show that while various standard rational expectations (RE) and Bayesian RE asset-pricing models cannot explain the AH premium, a model of internally rational learning where agents learn about stock prices can provide a natural explanation. This finding emphasizes the importance of modeling investors who learn about equity prices.


2017年获得西班牙巴塞罗那自治大学经济学博士,研究领域为宏观经济学,金融经济学;论文曾发表于Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control等期刊;曾多次参加国际国内学术会议如:Shanghai Macroeconomics Workshop, China Finance Associate MeetingCCER Summer InstituteCES North American Meeting