Sooyun Baik




组织行为, 组织文化, 组织吸引力, 领导力,    决策

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2021/11 - 至今          助理教授, 上海科技大学创业与管理学院

2020/06                    组织行为学博士,英国伦敦商学院

2012/07                    社会组织心理学硕士美国哥伦比亚大学

2009/07                    心理学与工商管理(双学位) 本科,美国威廉与玛丽学院


Dr. Sooyun Baik’s research interests focus on understanding the ways organizations communicate and signal their values and culture affect organizational outcomes such as job seeker attraction and performance, and how they often lead to unintended consequences. In her second line of research, she examines when and how organizations’ inadvertent missteps impose constraints and lead to unfair outcomes for women in the workplace.



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2. Baik, S., & Kesebir, S. (2017). Gender differences in the valuation of effort: Women want to be rewarded for and reward effort more than men. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2017: 1.


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1. “Culture creation and change: Making sense of the past to inform future research agendas”  (with Yeunjoon Kim and Soo Min Toh), conditionally accepted at Journal of Management.

2. “The bias for talent in recruitment attracts narcissistic job seekers” (with Selin Kesebir and Dan Cable), 2nd Round Revise and Resubmit at Academy of Management Journal.

3. “Ways women lead: Adapting leadership behaviors to culturally tight-loose groups and male subordinates” (with Yeunjoon Kim and Soo Min Toh) *The Winner of the Faculty Transnational Research Award in Gender and Diversity in Organization Division (Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2020).