Public Event

Design Thinking Roadshow

Publish Time:2018-05-08

Design Thinking Roadshow

Date: May 8, 2018

Time: 13:00-16:00 PM

Venue: 1F Lobby of SEM Building

Why a design thinking road show? Wanna see new product of first-year undergraduates? Looking for a startup partners on campus? Struggling for research topics? We welcome everyone. Enjoy the show!

Topics of DT Roadshow

How to enjoy lab life? No time for breakfast? Suffering from long time sitting? How to effectively communicate in relationship? Better washing room? How to invest for college students? Game for blind people? School Xianyu? Excellent parking experience? Community farm? Portable washing machine? ...

What to display

About the Topics, Their 2067

About Design Thinking



Design Thinking is an innovative way of problem solving. We apply critical thinking as the fundamental approach that raises assumptions, identifies problems, defines core issues, generates solutions and iterates solutions. Rather than pursuing heavy thinking and complete planning, we focus on trial-and-error solutions that feature speed, low cost and multiple approaches. There is no perfect solution but optimal trade-offs. Meanwhile, we guide students to do multidisciplinary cooperation and efficient communication through one-on-one tutoring.

Aiming at launching potential startup projects, this course incorporates a number of research techniques, including desk research, opinion-surveys, interviews, on-site observation, user-persona, data analysis, prototyping, user-test, market forecast, etc.. We offer a novel way for science students to think and solve problems in their research work. Design thinking provides an introductory basis for other SEM courses.