Principal goals

We adhere to the motto of “combining theory with empirical evidence” and the principle of dual excellence in research and teaching. Backed by a Research Data Center that houses a large collection of data sets, we carry out theoretically-oriented empirical research based on big data. The aim is to provide evidence-based strategic policy advices, both for Shanghai and China, in their transition to a high-quality economic growth model driven by innovation and entrepreneurship, promoting transfer of science findings into applications in the real economy.


Primary Fields

Economics, Finance, Managerial Science, Behavioral Science

Research Interests

I. Behavioral Sciences

Psychology, experimental economics, consumer behavior and marketing strategy, business management, organizational behavior, negotiation strategies, etc.


II. Business Analytics

Applied microeconomics, real-estate economics, actuarial analysis, finance, etc. The SEM Research Data Center provides various databases for empirical studies.


III. Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

All aspects of ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship. A center is planned for business cases of Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship.

IV. Macroeconomic studies on China

Growth potentials of the Chinese economy, China’s fiscal stability, etc.