interdisciplinary Decision Optimization Laboratory

The SEM interdisciplinary Decision Optimization Laboratory (iDOL) aims to examine the psychological processes through which individuals form judgments and make decisions and to develop new ways of thinking and acting that optimize these processes. The iDOL is founded in 2017 by Dr. Yu Yang and Dr. Haotian Zhou at the School of Entrepreneurship and Management, ShanghaiTech University. The iDOL brings together researchers and scholars from psychology, organizational behavior, consumer behavior, and public policy in Shanghai area and beyond. To date, research produced from the iDOL has appeared in premier academic journals and featured in media outlets such as Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, and SINA Finance.


Current members of the iDOL:


· Dr. Yu Yang, Principle Investigator and Lab Co-Founder

· Dr. Haotian Zhou, Principle Investigator and Lab Co-Founder

· Yafei Guo, Full-time Research Assistant

· Tiantian Wang, Full-time Research Assistant

· Hao Zhang, Full-time Research Assistant

· Part-time research assistants at ShanghaiTech