The challenges for economic reforms and concerns of environmental protection of China require researchers to understand and design new markets for pollution control, electricity, renewable energy, frequent platform-based transaction, entrepreneurial finance, etc. in a cost-effective way. Meanwhile, unique challenges arising in technological innovation and entrepreneurship require understanding of new mechanisms that incentivize market interactions. How do people make individual decisions as well as collective decisions under certain market rules? How do new markets influence social welfare? Lab experiment offers a novel approach to studying related questions.

The SEM Experimental Research Laboratory at ShanghaiTech University is a research facility for conducting human subject lab experiments in economics and business. The aim of the SEM Experimental Research Lab is to understand strategic behavior of market participants as well as to solve design problems of new markets in order to gain scientific knowledge of decision making. Our research combines knowledge from economics, innovation, entrepreneurship, and management.

The lab provides 30 desktops and 10 laptops with movable dividers. It is open to all researchers from School of Entrepreneurship and management. In addition, we welcome external academics and collaborative experiments.