Haotian Zhou


Haotian Zhou

Assistant Professor


Research Area

Judgement and Decision Making;

Social Cognition;Emotion and Motivation

Contact Information



Tsinghua University Beijing, China
Bachelor of Science in Biological Science
July, 2005

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China
Master of Science in Cognitive Psychology
July, 2008

The University of Chicago Department of Psychology
Chicago, USA
Master in Social Psychology
June, 2012
Ph.D. in Social Psychology
August, 2014

The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Chicago, USA
Research Professional in Center for Decision Making
July, 2014 to August, 2016

ShanghaiTech University
Shanghai, China
Assistant Professor in School of Entrepreneurship and Management
Sepetember, 2016 to now

Research Interests

Haotian seeks to understand the underlying mechanisms of human cognition,emotion and behavior and translate scientifc insights into practical guidelines applicible realms of daily concern, e.g. decision, marketing and interpersonal relationships. His research work has appeared in several important acedemic journals.

Selected Publications

Zhou, H.T., & Fishbach, A. (2016). The Pitfall of Experimenting on the Web: How Unattended Selective Attrition Leads to Surprising (yet False) Research Conclusions. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Zhou, H.T., & Cacioppo, J. T. (2015). More Than a Blood Pump: An Experimental Enquiry of the Folk Theory of the Heart. Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 2823–2829).

Zhang, Y.F, Zhou, H.T., Luan, M. & Li, H. (2015). No One Left Behind: How Social Distance Affects Life-Saving Decision Making. Proceedings of the 37th Annual  Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (pp. 2799–2805). 

Cacioppo, S., Zhou, H.T., Monteleone, G., Majka, E. A., Quinn, K. A., Ball, A. B.,Norman, G. J., Semin, G. R., & Cacioppo, J. T. (2014). You are in sync with me: Neural correlates of interpersonal synchrony with a partner. Neuroscience, 277, 842-858.  

Zhou, H.T., & Cacioppo, J. T. (2010). Culture and the brain: Opportunities and obstacles. Asian Journal of Social Psychology. 13: 59-71.

Ren, D. N., Zhou, H.T., & Fu, X. L. (2009). A Deeper Look at Gender Difference in  Multitasking: Gender-Specific Mechanism of Cognitive Control. Proceedings of the International Conference on Natural Computation 5:13-17.

Zhou, H.T., Wan, L. L. & Fu, X.L. (2007). Generalized “Stigma”: Evidence for Devaluation-by-inhibition Hypothesis from Implicit Learning. Lecture Notes in  Computer Science. 4738: 690-697. 

Zhou, H.T. & Fu, X.L. (2007). Understanding, Measuring, and Designing User  Experience: the Causal Relationship between the Aesthetic Quality of Products  and User Affect. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 4550:  340-349.