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Chen He

Publish Time:2018-09-07

Chen He

Assistant Professor


Research Area


Quantitative Marketing,

Empirical Industrial Organization,

Applied Microeconomics

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2018/09-    Assistant Professor, ShanghaiTech University, China

2018/08     Ph.D. in Economics, Tilburg University, Netherlands

2014/08     Research Master in Economics,Tilburg University, Netherlands

2012/06     BSc in Economics (Cum Laude), Tilburg University, Netherlands

Selected Publications

1. “Optimizing Online Sales using Targeted Advertising”

2. “Advertising as a reminder: Evidence from the Dutch State Lottery”, with Tobias Klein (C.E.P.R. Discussion Paper 12948)

3. “Advertising Match Values and Viewership Demand” with Tobias Klein and Ittai Shacham