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ISARIM 2019 was Held Successfully at ShanghaiTech University

Publish Time:2019-09-26

The First International Symposium of Attitude Research, Innovation, and Management (ISARIM 2019), co-organized by the Attitude Research Lab of the School of Entrepreneurship and Management, and the SMART Lab of the School of Information Science and Technology, was held from 19 to 21, September 2019 at the School of Entrepreneurship and Management at ShanghaiTech University in Shanghai, China.


The symposium aims to establish a high-level platform featuring exchange among academic research and business organizations. Around 50 overseas and domestic scholars and business practitioners who are interested in attitude research, innovation and management attended this symposium. Among all, Professor Angela Lee from Kellogg School of Management presented works that study psychological insights into the customer experience journey; Ohio State University professors Rich Petty and Duane Wegener presented works that examined the determinants and impacts of ambivalence in attitudes; Singapore Management University professor Stephanie Lin presented consumers’ presentation of actual and out motivations for health goals.


In addition, young, established entrepreneurs such as Mr. Zipei Tu (i.e.: former Vice President of the Alibaba Group, founder and CEO of Data Civilization), Dr. Chen Zhang (i.e. founder and CEO of CreateLink Technology); Dr. Jingyi Yu (Executive Dean of the School of Information Science, founder of DGene Digital Technology Co.), all shared their experiences of their entrepreneurial journey and insights with the audience. Aiming to building bridge between academia and industry, round table sessions were held among academic researchers and entrepreneurial practitioners. Professor Liangyan Wang from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Fang Wu from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Professor Sha Zhang from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Sixue Jia from Shanghai International Studies University, etc. participated in round table discussions. 


The symposium was presided over by Professor Lifeng Yang from SEM. Professor Jie Yin, Provost and Vice-Chancellor of ShanghaiTech University, delivered an opening speech welcoming all guests and speakers. This symposium concluded with a successful note, calling for more impactful research and more in-depth collaborations between practitioners and academic scholars.