Organized by: 

Jeff Furman (Boston University & NBER)

WonJoon Kim (KAIST & AIEA)

Hanming Fang (Penn, ShanghaiTech, AIEA & NBER)


Host: ShanghaiTech University, School of Entrepreneurship and Management


Session #1: Shanghai Time: August 25th, 2020, Tuesday Morning (8-10am) [Boston Time: August 24, Monday night 8-10 pm]


7:30-7:50 AM:  Registration & Waiting                                                                          

7:50-8:00 AM: Opening remarks (Hanming, Jeff, WonJoon)


8:00-8:30 Michael Kremer (Harvard University, Dept. Economics, and NBER; Nobel Prize in Economics 2019)

Title: Covid-19 Vaccines 

Discussant: Scott Stern (MIT Sloan School of Management and NBER)


8:30-9:00 Wonjoon Kim (KAIST & AIEA) and Ke Feng (Hunan University)       

Does Trade Liberalization induce Innovation?  China’s WTO Accession and Novel knowledge Recombination

Discussant: Erica Fuchs (Carnegie Mellon University)


9:00-9:30 Katie Moon (University of Colorado, Boulder) 

Information Transparency in Drug Development:  Evidence from Mandatory Disclosure of Clinical Trials            

Discussant: Josh Krieger (Harvard Business School)


9:30-10:00        David Y. Yang (Harvard University, Dept. Economics)

Data-intensive Innovation and the State: Evidence from AI Firms in China                       

Discussant: Ivan Png (National University of Singapore)


10:00-10:05      Closing             



Session # 2: Shanghai Time: 25th August, Tuesday Night (8-10pm) [Boston Time: August 25 morning 8-10am]                    

7:30-7:50 PM    Registration & Waiting                                                                          

7:55-8:00 PM    Session Introduction      


8:00-8:30 Myriam Mariani (Bocconi University & AIEA)

It Takes a Family to Raise an Inventor, Unless She is a Girl                    

Discussant: Waverly Ding (University of Maryland)


8:30-9:00 Hanyi Tao (ShanghaiTech Univ. School of Entrepreneurship and Management)

An Anatomy of the Quality of Patents: China vs. US                    

Discussant: Manuel Trajtenberg (Tel Aviv University)


9:00-9:30 Guangwei Li (ShanghaiTech Univ. School of Entrepreneurship and Management)

Picking Winners? Government Subsidies and Firm Productivity in China             

Discussant: Sabrina Howell (New York University)


9:30-10:00 Hong Luo (Harvard Business School)

When does Product Liability Risk Chill Innovation? Evidence from Medical Implants       

Discussant: Ariel D. Stern (Harvard Business School)


10:00-10:10      9th AIEA-NBER Intro & Closing           

Wonjoon Kim (KAIST & AIEA), Po-Hsuan Hsu (National Tsinghua University & AIEA), Scott Stern (MIT & NBER), Josh Lerner (Harvard & NBER)