Program Introduction

Program Introduction

Program Mission

The mission of the Quality Management System (QMS) Program is to promote quality and its management in China and around the world. The program emphasizes the importance of integrity and quality in achieving personal and business success.

Training Methods

Students can customize their levels of training according to their interests and career plans. Those who are curious about the concept of quality can explore the basics of quality management in Quality 101, the Program’s introductory course. Those who want to further study quality management in business, FDA-regulated industries, or as entrepreneurs can select courses relevant to their areas of interest.

The Program offers training certificates to students who completed the courses and credit requirements for:

- ISO 9001. The most accepted quality management systems around the world.

- ISO 13485. The most adopted regulatory requirements for quality management systems of medical devices internationally.

-ISO 17025. An international laboratory quality management systems standard for testing and calibration laboratories.

-Certificates for other areas in development.


Teachers Teams

The courses in the QMS program are taught by experienced and highly qualified professionals (including corporate executives, senior consultants, regulatory officials, etc.). The courses are based on the latest international standards, fortified with case-studies and project-based learning to ensure the timeliness, practicality and effectiveness of the courses. Each course is given in small class with interactive learning approach to increase student participation and interest.

Target Students

1.Students who are interested in quality issues and ways to improve the quality of Chinese products;

2.Students with science and engineering background who wish to learn practical management tools in preparation for management positions;

3.Students who are interested in scientific research or enterprise research and development (R&D) work;

4.Students who are interested in quality assurance and quality management in high-tech industries (such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, energy, aerospace, automotive, or food industries)

5.Students who are interested in becoming quality management or regulatory affairs professionals in government or industries.

Contact Information

Any questions about the QMS program please send emails to or